Jubilee has long been our passion since ‘Walking Lawton’ Chiles first discovered these beautiful woods and fields. It’s this passion that still drives us today and you can see it in everything we do.

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Jubilee has a storied legacy deeply rooted in the state of Florida. Founded by former U.S. Senator and Governor of Florida, ‘Walking Lawton’ Chiles. He walked into the hearts of Floridians over the course of a 1,000-mile trek across the state that earned him a seat in the U.S. Senate. He loved the people he met and his Red Hills plantation where his passion was.

His love for the land was instilled in his two sons, who have continued with his environmental passion. Lawton Chiles, Jr. has led Jubilee in state-leading environmental practices where he grows organic certified blueberries and practices good stewardship of the plantation. While Ed Chiles has created a premier group of restaurants and farms that feature sustainable and eco-friendly practices—he is a leader in eco-agricultural programs.

It's this passion that makes Jubilee an amazing experience and why we want to share it with everyone who visits. That’s why every Spring we welcome thousands of people for our U-Pick season and encourage people to enjoy the full experience of the plantation by staying overnight in two of Walking Lawton’s turn-of-the century cabins—hiking in the woods and enjoying the ponds. Also, enjoying our orchards while picking our luscious fruit with their families and friends.

His grandson may have described Jubilee best in his poem below.

Jubilee Orchards Family Photo


Jubilee is celebration of that which matters,
a retreat from the horizontal world
to the vertical.

A movement from shallow waters
to deep upon deep,
from placated to awakened desires.

Jubilee is not an anxious place.
Not a place of broken systems
or broken creatures.
It is a place set right.

All things carefully set in their place,
masterful is the balance of hunger and satisfaction.

Jubilee is teeming, but perfectly still.
It speaks volumes, but listens exceptionally.

Listen, soul, to its quiet wisdom.
be free of the world’s distractions, mind,
cling, heart, to what is upwards rather than side to side,
be selective, strength, with your pursuits.
Live, life, in Jubilee.

- Geoffrey Chiles