Certified Organic Indigocrisp™ Blueberry Plants

Certified Organic Indigocrisp™ Blueberry Plants

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For Those Who Demand The Juiciest Berry

For Sale: Certified Organic High-Yield Indigocrisp™ Blueberry Plants.


If you're SERIOUS about tasting each ounce of sweetness from your berries?

Whether it's eating them raw, or in a smoothie?

Or a fresh-baked pie with flaky crust and vanilla ice cream? 

Then Indigocrisp™ FL98-325' is the variety you want.

This variety produces berries with very firm, crisp-textured skin.

As a result, they aren't mushy or soggy.

Plus, they produce a very high sugar-to-acid ratio.

This means these plants produce DELICIOUS berries.

You're going to get faster-growing berries with this variety, and MORE of them with Indigocrisp™

What's more, Indigocrisp™ received high scores in consumer taste tests. 

Other varieties produce weaker yields and lower sugar content. 

Pricing Of Plants 

1-5-Plants  $65 ea.

10-25            $55 ea.