Certified Organic "Keecrisp" Blueberry Plants.

Certified Organic "Keecrisp" Blueberry Plants.

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This berry blend has been clinically tested by the USDA.

FOR SALE: Keecrisp Organic Blueberry Plants. 

The USDA has found something remarkable:

They ran quality trials in their research lab on these berry varieties.

Dr. Anne Plotto at USDA’s Horticulture Research Lab in Ft. Pierce found that:

"Keecrisp" and the similar crisp texture variety ‘Indigocrisp’ had the highest firmness ratings at harvest.

They blew away other standard texture varieties such as "Emerald.’‘

"Keecrisp" berry size is large with a small, dry stem scar.

"Keecrisp" berries have high soluble solids and consistently low titratable acidity in laboratory trials that result in a mild, very sweet flavor.

KeeCrisp Variety 

1-5                  $65ea

10-25            $ 55ea


For The First Time, Jubilee Organic Blueberry
Plants Are for Sale to The Public
  • 4-6 feet in height in 25 -gallon pots...
  • Certified organic...
  • High-Yielding...
  • Not available in nurseries at this size and yield...


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