Best Blueberries

in the South

Jubilee Orchards Festival
May 20,2023

Join us for the Jubilee Festival!

Promoting Healthy Farming and Foods, and Healthy Lands and Climate

The Jubilee Festival will take place on May 20th starting at 10 am to 5 pm at Jubilee Orchards, 12008 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee.

You’ll also experience a  showcase of land management practices, soil enhancement advancements that reduce greenhouse gasses, a demonstration of Forest School – an international practice of exposing young children to nature, and more.

The day will also be filled hay and pony rides, music, and food. 

(Due to a short picking season this year, U-pick blueberry picking will not be a part of this year’s festival.)

U-Pick Fresh Organic Blueberries

Blueberries in Hands

There are many good reasons why thousands of families visit our organic orchards. They travel from as far away as Michigan because our blueberries are the Best of The South. Growing certified organic berries is no trivial matter. Jubilee Orchards makes this difficult and costly decision because we want our customers to be assured that their families are consuming the healthiest, most nutritious, and best tasting fruit possible. And because we are committed to climate smart growing practices that protect people, wildlife, our soil, and our air and water quality.

Importantly, picking berries at Jubilee is just a blast for all ages.

Bud & Kitty Chiles

Business Owners / Lead Farmers

Preserving biodiversity, growing organically, and best practice land management, has long been our passion. The farms and businesses have received the highest distinctions for environmental stewardship and best farming practices. It’s this passion that makes Jubilee an amazing experience and why we want to share it with everyone who visits

Bee in Blueberry Flower

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